A cozy place that history, tradition and comfort meets.

The restoration of the 19TH Century built mansion was completed in 2003 and has been
serving since then with its three houses tucked up into the caves of ancient Cappadocia.

While restoring the houses; we did our best to keep its traditional and untouched style where
you can still see the little holes that our ancestors used to tie their horses, communal bakeries,
storages, pigeon houses and tunnels linking floors to each other.

Cappadocia, being home for Assyrians, Hittites, Phrygians, Persians, Alexander The Great,
Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Empire; has been the cradle of civilizations
with its peerless formation types as Fairy Chimneys, Table-top mountains, Mushroom Fairy
Chimneys, Underground Cities, Badlands, Valleys and Volcanic Mountains and a sea of these
different rock formations, awaits to give you a great eye pleasure.

Melted in the same pot with all the efforts of ancient communities; Hittites producing the wine,
St. Basil’s sharing, the Seljuk Caravanserais’ welcoming and Ottoman’s hospitality and so on…
We look forward to host you at our cozy & relaxing hotel in Cappadocia with our 10 deluxe
rooms and 4 suites.

On the first and second floors of our hotel; you can explore our terraces that presents a cool
seating. The terraces are unique in that it offers a beautiful panorama of Urgup town and
some beautiful surroundings of Cappadocia with Fairy Chimneys and enjoy the real Turkish

In All Rooms;

- Hot water throughout the day
- Private Bath-WC
- Jacuzzi tab in 3 Suites
- Satellite TV
- Wireless High Speed Internet
- Hair Dryer
- Direct Phone
- Audio Broadcast
- Minibar
- Central Heating
- Safe Box